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From the three major trends of future travel, see the necessity of scooter travel

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The future of transportation is currently a hot topic in global discussions, and it is also an urgent need for China, which is facing various transportation pressures, to build it seriously. At present, on the issue of future transportation, some opinions have made inferences about three major trends: 1. On-demand mobile travel services; 2. Unmanned vehicles; 3. Electric transportation. Let’s discuss today whether PXID electric scooters still have the necessity of being a commuting for the public rather than a niche hobby in the environment of these three future trends.

Mobility on demand

Today's Didi Taxi and Uber were born in response to the trend of on-demand mobility. Of course, this is just the beginning. This trend is mainly based on services such as carpooling, car sharing, and the last one kilometer, hoping to transform the form of people owning vehicles to a shared, on-demand model. Relevant information shows that using a car for sharing services is equivalent to reducing 15 personally owned cars, which is very effective for low-carbon travel and road load.

However, although the construction of a shared platform can be responsible for the transportation of most of the traffic mileage of the urban population, there are still hidden dangers in safety issues such as carpooling. Relatively speaking, when solving short-distance traffic in the next few kilometers, if there is an electric scooter, it can be easily solved. However, carpooling and car sharing require the relevant departments to spend more time and energy to improve such platform construction, and also It is necessary to ensure the economic benefits of the platform service provider to be able to operate stably.

self-driving car

From the three major trends of future travel, see the necessity of scooter travel

Driverless cars are not uncommon in the past science fiction novels. I believe many people would like to have a car like that. Unmanned vehicles are not affected by human misjudgment of driving, can guarantee travel safety to a large extent, and are also conducive to solving the problems of drivers, parking, and recycling faced by shared cars in the on-demand travel mode.

However, the application of this technology will still bring some other social problems, such as people's health problems. Obviously, over-developed traffic will reduce people's exercise volume and cause obesity and poor physical fitness. In this regard, the riding of PXID electric scooters can bring more positive changes to people, not only in terms of travel comfort, but also in terms of physical health, which are all proportionally increased. Moreover, China is different from developed countries in Europe and the United States in that its population is too large, and driverless cars will not reduce the degree of road congestion when commuting to and from get off work.

Electric transportation

The continuous development of the battery field, the concern about greenhouse gas emissions, and the high price of oil have all contributed to the transformation of future transportation to electric energy. Whether it is in terms of its contribution to environmental protection and the improvement of resource efficiency, electric energy is safe and Convenient and clean energy. Electric scooters are in response to this trend, and actively researched and developed electric mobility products that can be used to ride or carry around according to people’s mobility needs. It also satisfies the riding experience of users and has multiple safety features. protection mechanism.

The development of these three trends in transportation in the future will definitely bring us great changes. Perhaps then, cars will no longer be a necessary travel tool for every family, and we can sit on unmanned vehicles leased through the platform when we go out. However, it is still a trend to carry a lightweight electric scooter with us, because it is small and portable and can be carried with us. It allows us to support ourselves in short-distance movements, which is faster and more efficient than issuing a request to a shared platform.