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How to choose an electric scooter that suits you?

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Why do people buy electric scooters basically cannot do without the following situations:

1. People with cars, in many densely populated cities, they feel traffic jams when traveling to work, and finding parking spaces is a mess. Electric scooters are small transportation tools, light weight, portable folding are its advantages. Long-distance commuting to work is similar to other people riding a tram, but it is compact and convenient and more convenient.

2. The transportation tool that pays attention to environmental protection and health, and the energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy-to-operate electric scooters have won the favor of many people. For office workers, commuting to work for 30 to 40 minutes by bus, riding a bicycle is too physical, and riding a scooter , You can save half of the time. Nowadays, many young people don't like to ride bicycles or trams. They think that scooters are more fashionable.

3. In big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, traffic jams are undoubtedly a very headache. The closed spaces of buses and subways have poor air circulation, and some symptoms of colds and fevers are especially easy to be transmitted. Therefore, stay away from the crowd and take precautions.

4. The public transportation station is not far away from the destination, it may be about one kilometer, it is too tiring to walk and time-consuming, and it is not necessary to take a taxi. When I drive to work in the morning, the company is clearly across the road, but I have to go around half a circle according to the driving route, which is a waste of time. Electric scooters can walk on the sidewalk, saving a lot of time.

How to choose an electric scooter that suits you?

I believe that when you buy a car, you must have checked a lot of information on the Internet and made a lot of comments on a certain treasure. Do you value brand or cost performance more?

For brands, branded goods are definitely more convincing than unfamiliar ones. Just like Xiaomi electric scooters, Xiaomi’s ecological chain itself is very strong and brand promotion is in place, so when many people search, most of the top rankings It belongs to Xiaomi.

For example, like Lao Luo, who brought goods in a short live video broadcast a while ago, he has a very strong personal IP and has a lot of fan traffic. The products he launched have strong purchasing power. Beauty blogger Li Jiaqi said that when OMG bought it, it captured the hearts of thousands of young girls. They planted grass one after another. People who like him will blindly follow the trend and place orders in the subconscious.

The term cost-effectiveness: In the eyes of the rich, this term is unremarkable, but in the eyes of most people, it occupies the whole life of buying a house and a car, as small as pots and pans. Take the electric scooter, when buying, the most concerned issues are battery life issues, quality issues, price, practicality and other factors, and sum up the best cost-effective products.

In terms of material selection, a good-performance electric scooter is unique in material selection at first, and good material selection is the foundation. The two core components are the battery and the motor. As the heart of the scooter, the battery directly affects the endurance and service life of the scooter. The engine affects the driving power of the car.

Whether it is an office worker or a cool young person, when shopping, buying a good electric scooter can bring real convenience to our lives!