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Scooter—Thinking in mind, car going forward

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With the development of science and technology, the means of transportation are becoming more and more popular, and people are already far away from the days when people travel on foot. There are planes and trains far away, and buses a little closer... But looking at all the means of transportation, they are all It takes a relatively open area to drive, either in the sky, on the rails, or on the road. Although it is useful for transportation, it still cannot meet all travel needs. What they can't do, scooters can.

Park tree-lined trail

Finding a family picnic in a park on weekends is a good way to relax and the best way for the family to exchange feelings, but what you can do in the park is not just a picnic, strolling in the park, catching the sun through the leaves on the tree-lined path The mottled spots of light left behind are also a great pleasure. It is inevitable that there will be people who are tired when traveling with a family. If you are tired and don’t want to make everyone happy, you can ride an electric scooter to accompany you, and you can relax your body while enjoying the joy of family reunion. This is a thing that kills two birds with one stone. Not all travel tools can do it.

Street shops in major shopping malls

Scooter—Thinking in mind, car going forward

It is every man’s duty to accompany his wife to go shopping. During this period, he should reduce the burden of pick-up staff and wallets. Paying is not terrible. The terrible thing is that as soon as he enters the mall, he is like a wife who has been beaten up. Between homes and shops, men often can’t keep up. At this time, they want to be able to drive in a car in the mall! Although the car still can’t drive, electric scooters can ride in all the malls, with a compact body. You can freely shuttle in crowded shopping malls, and the magnetic levitation motor will not produce noise and affect others. Riding freely in major shopping malls, shopping with my wife is no longer a thing that feels tiring just thinking about it.

Outdoor in the forest

There are more and more people who like outdoor cross-country sports. They go to places off the beaten track, relax themselves and enjoy different kinds of scenery, but even if they are driving an SUV, many places still have to get off the car by themselves. If anyone who likes outdoor off-road has heard of off-road electric scooters, they will definitely not miss it, because this is a scooter with extremely strong off-road performance. Whether it is a large wheel or a high-power motor, it can make them off-road. It can also be easily ridden at the time. When the SUV cannot be reached, the scooter can take you easily.

The world is so big, there are many places in our hearts that we want to go, but the places that traditional vehicles can take us to are limited, while scooters can reach any place we desire in our hearts.