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PXID allows industrial product design to bring more cost-effective products

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For product design, each product design company designs products with their own more biased directions. We need to know how rich the product design company is in product design. We can check this directly on the official website or make a telephone consultation. And when choosing a company, you need to find a company with a better service attitude, so that you will be more comfortable when designing products in the future.

PXID Industrial Design was established in 2013, focusing on the design and development of lightweight mobility tools. Committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions from product concept design to market introduction, the design field covers product modeling design, structural engineering design, man-machine interface design, product PI design, and image design of transportation tools. Understanding the nature of people, technology and brands and constantly innovating under their drive is the soul of Pinxiang Industrial Design.

PXID allows industrial product design to bring more cost-effective products

Focus on the design and development of scooters, electric vehicles, and motorcycles, and provide customers with a full set of product development services from appearance design, structural design to mass production support. PXID has rich experience in product development, and we are better at helping customers develop products that meet the market from a marketing perspective.

Because of focus, so more professional. From an idea to product sales, you only need to take one step, and let us span the distance in between. Bring you a higher product cost performance!