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How can we design an electric bicycle that is loved by consumers?

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In this fast-developing Internet era, technological products are being updated faster and faster, and many once smashing products are gradually being eliminated. Therefore, if a company wants to develop for a long time, it must constantly design and develop new products to keep up with the times. The pace of development will not be eliminated in the fiercely competitive market, but the cycle and cost of new product design and development are not low. How can we design an electric bicycle that is loved by consumers? What matters should be paid attention to when designing and developing electric bicycles?

Products are the carrier of all marketing activities of an enterprise, and the development of new products is a powerful weapon for an enterprise to seize a larger market space. Whether or not an enterprise has a characteristic product often determines the development prospects of the enterprise. Many companies attach great importance to the development of new products and have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for this, but the actual result is: some companies quickly become popular because of new products, while more companies are in vain. Through analysis, we found that the reason for failure is often falling into the five dead spots of new product development. One: Product development does not match the brand line, the front line is not unified, and there are differences. An excellent brand needs a clear, accurate, and unwavering brand line. The brand line we are talking about here refers to the brand positioning and brand appeal. , Brand style and other integration of the brand development direction.

How can we design an electric bicycle that is loved by consumers?

New product design and development should focus on function, formulate product development plans, reduce the total cost of products as much as possible, and form a virtuous circle of new products. New product design and development is not only about innovation, but also the two points of technology. The important thing is the practicality of the product. Sex is what the entire market needs, and it is also a product that consumers need. Secondly, there is the safety of use. When designing a product, it is necessary to take advantageous measures to prevent and protect various unsafe factors in the use process. At the same time, the design must also consider the ergonomics of the product, which is easy to improve the conditions of use; the reliability of use. Reliability refers to the probability that a product will work normally within a specified time and under predetermined conditions of use. Reliability is related to safety. Products with poor reliability will cause inconvenience to users, or even cause danger to use, and cause damage to corporate reputation; easy to use. For civilian products, the ease of use of the product is very important. Product design should also consider the aesthetic issues related to the product, the relationship between the product appearance and the use environment, user characteristics, etc. Where possible, products that users love should be designed to increase the appreciation value of the products.

Electric bicycle design is a long and costly project. Many companies are eager to achieve results, but they don’t know that the design and development of new products need to be unified with their own brand lines, rather than blindly developing new products. You should figure out where the new products are targeted. Consumers in the first category design products that are more suitable for specific consumers.