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Do you have the right equipment for summer commuting?

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Commute for 1 hour and wait 30 minutes for the bus? Wearing a mask is hot and easy to sweat? Increased flow of people, the bus and subway are difficult to separate by one meter? This series of travel problems follow one after another in summer. How can we travel refreshingly? Become a commuting trouble for office workers this summer! ! Don't be afraid~ PXID commuter "heat-proof artifact" electric scooter is here! A strong assist for your refreshing commute~

The hot summer is the time to show fiery youth. Whether it is showing fashion on the bustling street, sweating on the sports field, or going on a long trip with friends, there is nothing to say about them.

Meet three or five friends, come on a free and unrestrained journey, leaving unforgettable youthful memories in the summer, what a wonderful thing, if there is a safe and reliable electric scooter, the memories of this journey It can be even better.

Every line is a minimalist expression, and the eye-catching is extraordinary. The concise and lively front fork design, side styling, and easy-to-use line structure use the design elements of dots, lines, circles and arcs to the extreme, releasing irresistible charm.

Do you have the right equipment for summer commuting?

On the basis of ensuring safety, how can the long journey without the enthusiasm of the hot summer wind? A powerful and quiet power source greatly reduces the noise decibels under the premise of ensuring power, and the uniquely designed heat sink not only improves the service life of the motor, but also reduces the motor heat transferred to the tire. It's powerful, you know it after you use it.

The unique and comfortable design makes the riding "big" different. The T-bar is bent at the most suitable angle, and the special-grade aluminum material and special anodized surface treatment are used to make the pole durable and beautiful. Of course, all this is done is just to give you a better driving experience.

PXID scooter design company integrates the concept of "last mile" into its products, giving a new definition of short-distance travel. Simple and practical folding parts, under the premise of ensuring firmness, we designed a new folding part structure, folding, parking, unfolding, everything is available.