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Abandon the traditional tools to see, PXID takes you to enjoy “micro-tourism”

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Are you still regretting that you don't have enough time for the holidays or the economic conditions to travel? PXID scooter design company teaches you a new way of traveling. Ride a scooter for a free and casual "micro-travel".

For holiday life, many people estimate that they have made their travel plans ahead of time, but there must be many people who don’t have much time and conditions to go too far, so why not travel in a more innovative way? For example, to ride an electric scooter, you don’t have to prepare too much luggage, you don’t have to do a specific scenic spot, and you don’t have to make a careful travel plan to take a short, low-cost, and unique leisure "micro-travel". ".

There is no need to prepare too much luggage, nor too much time. A short-term, low-cost "micro-tour" will never let you worry about not having time to go out to relax. Even in a city that is accustomed to living here every day, as long as you look at it with a travel mentality, you can still find many things that surprise you. Scooter is a suitable travel tool for "micro-tourism".

Perhaps there are many ways of "micro-travel", such as self-driving, biking, public transportation, etc., but no matter which one, electric scooters can provide more convenience for this walk-and-go journey.

Abandon the traditional tools to see, PXID takes you to enjoy 'micro-tourism'

For people with average physical strength, bicycle travel is often overdrawn due to excessive physical strength, which leads to no more energy to appreciate and feel this short and free trip. The electric scooter uses the original imported lithium battery as the power source, and the drive motor replaces the manpower, making the journey more labor-saving and comfortable; and the motor sound is very light, even in the quiet forest trail, it will not affect the mood of being close to nature due to the noise of the motor .

When traveling by bus or subway, there will always be places that cannot be reached by car. Self-driving travel will not have such a worry, but traffic jams during peak travel periods often make self-driving travel more time-consuming and inefficient. The small size of the electric scooter can be easily carried on buses and subways, and it can be used to cleverly match the travel mode to make up for the shortcomings of the public transportation system. At the same time, because of electric drive, zero emissions, no pollution, low-carbon travel, and environmentally friendly tourism, the green world will become the near future.

Compared with other travel methods, "micro-travel" is cheaper in price and more personalized in travel content, suitable for more groups. As a new generation of transportation, electric scooters provide freedom for this new travel method. , Comfortable experience.

Are you still regretting that you can’t travel due to various objective factors? Hurry up and take an electric scooter to experience a unique new way of traveling. PXID scooter design, smart and cool, green travel, bring you more high-quality lifestyle.