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Scooter | I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m driving lightly

pxid 2021-06-01 191 times

I am wearing a huntian silk, and I am here on Hot Wheels. I am here...I am an electric scooter. I have been on the battlefield with a minimalist style and lightly loaded. The enthusiasm for life is even more complete. The appearance of the luxurious style brings an aura of reluctance. Come, let's change our destiny together.

Simple but not simple, is the highest state of life! PXID adopts the original ecological object-like cobra bionic elbow design, arc-shaped integrated minimalist body, tough magnesium-aluminum alloy welded one-piece lightweight frame, stable and durable, lightweight and portable, built-in wiring design, stylish, delicate and full of coordination Beauty. The design is not only the appearance, but also the ingenuity and ingenuity from the outside to the inside.

You ask me what is popular? I! That's right! it is me. The PXID scooter design uses a very popular through-type taillight group, while the internal use of LED light source, when lit at night, the visual effect is particularly prominent. A simple luminous line will also make the overall model look more aura. Also at night, passing by a scooter with a unique taillight design will also be intriguing.

Scooter | I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm driving lightly

Cool night running lights, bright eyes, classic geometric headlight design, integrated super bright LED lighting, 1.1w high brightness, lighting distance up to 6 meters, a bright headlight makes you feel safer, dark The same will escort you at night.

Simple geometric non-slip grip design, comfortable and intimate grip, can support long-term riding, not easy to slip off. Push-type throttle, free control of my future, waterproof finger dial design, can accelerate with a light press, convenient and comfortable control. The built-in LCD control panel integrates fashion and technology, and is familiar with the conditions of speed, power, gear, etc., giving you a digital driving experience.

To enjoy traveling, to enjoy life, the beauty of life lies in the discovery of different scenery; the beauty of traveling lies in my way of being unique. The electric scooter has a simple and streamlined sports car design with stylish exterior light. It is derived from the extreme sports design of a sports car. You can see your speed at a glance and experience the extreme sports passion.