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Global travel trends, look at the future development trend of scooters

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From human and animal power in the past to machinery nowadays, the means of transportation of human beings have been continuously evolving, and relevant scientific researchers have been studying in-depth travel tools suitable for the times. As a PXID scooter design company that has been committed to intelligent travel for a long time, it is also always thinking about such issues. Let us take a look at the major trends in the development of global travel equipment in the future.

From early walking to animal power, to machinery, our travel methods are always evolving in a direction that is more in line with the times and makes travel more convenient. As a brand focusing on smart cars, PXID also has its own views on the development trend of future travel.

Personal miniaturization

With the continuous miniaturization of electronic products and the continuous development of material technology, we have seen many innovative and practical new vehicles, such as personal triaxial aircraft, amphibious motorcycles, foldable electric vehicles, Electric scooters, etc., from these novel travel equipment, we can already see that travel equipment is developing towards personalization and miniaturization. And the current PXID scooter design company is also developing and designing based on this trend.

Global travel trends, look at the future development trend of scooters

Combined traffic

Nowadays, most people are still in a single mode of travel. They either choose their own means of travel, either take the public transportation system, or travel on foot. This is mainly because it is difficult to achieve seamless connection between different transportation modes. However, in today's promotion of clean, efficient, and low-carbon transportation, the application of combined transportation modes has also become a top priority. Portable transportation equipment such as electric scooters is gradually becoming the reason for the core travel in the future. Because they can seamlessly dock most travel equipment, making transportation more flexible and efficient.

Riding data and APP application

Travel trajectory and travel equipment related data are very important in daily cycling. They can provide speed, travel distance, power consumption, ambient temperature, etc., when users are used to and rely on the information provided by the APP, there will be more More detailed requirements. At the same time, the APP can also create a community so that users can share routes, fun, road conditions, weather, etc. with each other while traveling.

Regarding the development trends of the above-mentioned transportation and travel equipment, what do you expect?