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How often does the electric bicycle battery need to be replaced?

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Electric bicycles have become an indispensable means of transportation for thousands of households, but after two or three years of use, most users will find that the battery is not durable or cannot be charged.

So some people have seen on the Internet or heard hearsay through other means that adding replenisher to the battery can repair the old battery and restore the old battery to new. So what is the actual situation? Let's take a look!

First of all, what we need to understand is that, after a new battery leaves the factory, the number of charging and discharging is about 350 times, which means that when the number of charging and discharging is exhausted, it is basically close to the end of life. In the case of general users charging once every three days, the service life is about three years, which means that the electric vehicle battery needs to be replaced in the third year.

However, there are some conditions that can affect battery life. For example, the battery itself has quality, load driving and other factors, its life will be shortened by half or even more.

How often does the electric bicycle battery need to be replaced?

Secondly, let's analyze the question of "Can you add supplemental fluid" again. In fact, the current battery does not need to add refill. Why do you say that?

Because most of the batteries nowadays are maintenance-free batteries, not water batteries, which means that the battery pack is in a sealed state. Generally speaking, water loss is not very serious, and once water loss occurs, it also means battery life. It is exhausted and needs to be replaced.

In short, generally speaking, the battery needs to be replaced once every three years for normal riding. Regardless of the situation, do not choose to add supplementary liquid to electric bicycles. The effect is not obvious, and it will even accelerate the aging speed of the battery.