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Is the product design scientific and practical?

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Product appearance design is indeed very important, because it directly reflects the appearance and performance of the product, the use of materials, manufacturing technology, and brand building. It can be seen that the scooter design company has done a good job in this regard. Only by grasping the main points can the best work be designed.

Scientificity means that the appearance of the product belongs to technical aesthetics, and the aesthetic design must be combined with the technical design of the product in accordance with the scientific rules to achieve the unity of science and artistry. Product design is to solve the relationship between aesthetic requirements and product function, structure and process requirements.

Is the product design scientific and practical?

Practicality means that consumers buy goods, and the purchase of goods has practical value. Product appearance design is subject to the use of product value. It should help the use value of the product to be better utilized, and even improve the use value of the product. The appearance of products should not only decorate and beautify the products, but also help consumers play the best use value of the products.