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Why does the new national standard limit the speed to 25km/h?

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In the year since the implementation of the new national standard, the most controversial issue is the 25km/h speed limit. Let’s talk about this topic today.

First correct a point of view

Is 25km/h very slow?

Many people feel slow

That’s because before the implementation of the new national standard

Over-standard cars can run to 40-50km/h

But in fact these are all "happy watches" at work

Generally speaking, a 500w motor can reach

Appears about 40km/h

But the real speed is only 28km/h

Even if the motor power is increased to 800w

Appears about 60km/h

In fact, the speed is only in the early 40km/h

New national standard actual speed 25km/h

Only better than a car in the city

Average 30km/h is so slow

It's not slow at all in the city

So why is it 25km/h?

The first is to reduce the collision energy

Have studied physics in high school:

Energy is proportional to the square of mass and speed

In order to reduce the total energy of the collision

The new national standard limits the mass of 55kg and the speed of 25km/h

The mass of 55kg

Can't be lower anymore

No matter how low it is, even the 48V12A battery can’t fit

Then you can only reduce the speed

After rigorous scientific testing

Only set 25km/h

This has to do with the evolution of humans

Humans used to run speed when chasing prey

Usually it’s as fast as 20km/h

The hardness of the human brain

Is evolving at this rate

Over this speed

The death rate of head landing will greatly increase

The second is to shorten the braking distance

25km/h is based on

Braking time, distance, reaction time, etc.

Why does the new national standard limit the speed to 25km/h?

Speed ​​limit given after comprehensive experiment

After all, electric cars don’t need a driver’s license

If you let people who have no foundation

Above 30km/h

It's almost impossible to stop quickly and smoothly

Especially on rainy days

The rear wheel grip of the electric car is basically 0

Sudden braking must flick and crash

The third is reaction time

25km/h is 7m/s

35km/h is 10m/s

3 meters more in one second

Which is the length of two electric vehicles

The speed is reduced to the cyclist

More reaction time

Can also effectively reduce

The electric car suddenly rushed out of the intersection

No time to take braking measures

And the probability of an accident

The last thing is to take care of other non-motor vehicles

Non-motorized lane

If you are much faster than a bicycle

Then it’s a danger to you and the bike

The speed of the bicycle is around 20km/

At a speed of 25km/h

Walking on a non-motorized vehicle lane

Equivalent to in a crowded mall

Brisk walking or jogging

If the speed reaches 35km/h

Equivalent to running wild in the mall

It's easy to hit people

Not to mention that electric cars are heavier

More dangerous to collide with a bicycle

in conclusion

Positioning of electric bicycles

Since it is a non-motorized vehicle

Then take care of the slowest part of the people

Want to break through these limitations

Such as courier, takeaway boy, etc.

You need to test your driver’s license and get a license

Legally driving electric motorcycles or electric light motorcycles

Now the problem is not electric cars

Speed ​​limit of 25km/h is too slow

It’s that the regulations for electric (light) motorcycles are not perfect

I believe these can be resolved properly!