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How can electric scooters perfectly relieve traffic pressure?

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When cars gradually become the main means of transportation in people’s lives, they are destined to bring great pressure to road traffic. The prevalence of traffic jams and the repeated occurrence of traffic accidents all indicate that today’s traffic pressure is oversaturated and traffic The problem of excessive stress needs to be solved urgently. If people continue to use the original means of transportation, we will have a long way to go, but what if we change to another means of transportation?

For example, by converting traditional car travel to easy electric scooter travel, can the traffic pressure be reduced? The research and development of scooters has updated a new generation of personal transportation tools. Its original intention is to solve the travel problem of modern people, so that people no longer worry about traffic jams and the like. Whether it is in terms of vehicle size or body weight, it is very much more than traditional cars in terms of quickly alleviating traffic pressure. Big advantage.

The scooter has only two wheels, and because of the different models, the tire size ranges from eight inches to sixteen inches. But in terms of body volume, it is very small compared to a car. Coupled with the large seats and cab, etc., a car obviously needs more space to move forward than a scooter.

How can electric scooters perfectly relieve traffic pressure?

In terms of weight, the average motor vehicle has at least one or two tons, and while the electric scooter has a petite body, it also has an ultra-light weight. The weight of the general scooter is about 15 kilograms, which is really lighter than a motor vehicle. Many of them are not only convenient to carry, but also alleviate the pressure on the road surface, which reduces road cracks.

In addition, electric scooters have an advantage that no motor vehicle can match, that is, environmental protection. The scooters are driven by pure electric energy, and the original imported lithium-ion battery makes the vehicle without any exhaust emissions when driving. , All environmental pollution has nothing to do with it.

Before the advent of scooters, maybe we still have a long way to go from traffic jam to unimpeded traffic, but after we have electric scooters, the shortcut from traffic jam to unimpeded traffic opens.