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What should we know about the continuous development of the scooter design industry?

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When looking forward to the future scooter design work, we feel a little confused. Facing the continuous upgrading of the product design industry, what should we know?

The definition of design will be broader

Looking back, people made a limited number of design outputs by learning graphic design, scooter design, or interaction design. It now appears that design and innovation can bring endless possible outputs. On the one hand, regarding organizational design, from the perspective of the design culture within the organization, how the organization is designed from the perspective of structure and function; on the other hand, regarding business design, from the perspective of business model to venture capital, the vision of innovation brought by design is viewed.

Skill broadening cannot be avoided

Designers can make good designs, but if they fail to convey the story behind them, this will be the failure of great designers. It’s important to learn how to speak up in a public environment to gain attention and explain your creativity. The designer should reflect on what is my purpose for doing this? Why is it important to do this? What kind of influence do I need to bring? Such questions come to understand the pre-business psychology. It is very important to fully understand these contents before designing. For designers, it is extremely important to have a business and design mind.

The boundary between design and business is blurring

The more a designer understands the business, the more value he can bring to the business. Designers who understand the company's value proposition and mission can help the company survive and grow. They only need to understand how the company operates. When a designer can accurately describe the value he can bring, management will realize that they not only recruited a designer, but also found an excellent strategic partner.

What should we know about the continuous development of the scooter design industry?

Designers with entrepreneurial spirit are more popular

As company executives begin to pay attention to the value of design, it can be expected that more and more designers will be included in the preliminary communication process of products and services, and they will receive higher salaries and consulting fees. The three keys to success are great creativity, great execution and great design. When the designer can clearly explain the contribution of design to the company's profit, the management will pay more attention to the design and the designer community.

Pay attention to check

After the concept is finalized, you can start designing. Don't miss every point and every line in the design process. Before showing the work to the client, be sure to check it patiently. It is recommended to take a break after the design is completed. During this period, you will think a lot and remember some details that you have not paid attention to.

Develop a design plan

Have a work plan. Create a list and write down what you must do first. What is the second step, what is the process, and what is the completion? Making a work plan helps you plan the design process as a whole, so that you won't miss many details. Design is like making a cake. The precise grasp of "raw materials" and "steps" is essential. If you don’t follow the correct steps when making a cake, the cake will probably fail.

Watch more, pay attention to accumulation

It will only design according to its own ideas, and more or less problems will occur. And if you learn from others and look at other people's designs, you will pay great attention to the highlights and details in other people's designs. With ears and eyes, you will also pay attention to the same details in similar designs.

Before proceeding with the design, collect more ideas and inspirations. The scooter design first collects all the different ideas in the sketch book, and then "takes the essence of it into one", then your design has many details.