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How many bright spots do children’s scooters have in the new way of outdoor sports?

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With the annual birth rate of 17 million newborns in China, the future maternal and infant market will usher in a surge of trendy, diversified, and high-quality products. Trendy mothers will choose emerging products that can better cultivate the healthy development of their children. Although children's scooters are not trendy products, PXID scooter design company has used high-standard quality research and development to redefine children's scooters and subvert the new way of children's outdoor sports. A brand new series of high-value, high-quality children's scooters was officially unveiled.

In the early stage of scooter research and development, we collected more than 1,000 market surveys of children's sports methods, and determined that the research and development direction is light and integrated. In order to realize the integrated molding technology, we visited more than 30 factories and revised the product design drawings more than 10 times. In the end, the children's scooter innovatively uses the magnesium alloy integrated molding process, and the whole car has no solder joints. While improving the stability and load-bearing capacity of the body It also prevents children from being injured due to scratching of solder joints during exercise.

How many bright spots do children's scooters have in the new way of outdoor sports?

In order to let children have a scooter that is easy to control, PXID scooter design company compares various materials, after more than a year of research and development cycle, finally chooses a lightweight magnesium alloy to build the body, the whole car weighs only 3.9kg, and the baby is easier to control. Coupled with the high elasticity and natural impact resistance of magnesium alloy, exercise is naturally safer and more comfortable.

When providing children with outdoor sports fun, they also pay attention to the safety of sports. The handlebars are equipped with non-slip silicone grips, which have a soft and comfortable texture, which can not only invisibly absorb shock but also prevent the hands from sliding, avoiding accidents during high-speed driving. Take care of your children from the details and make the scooter safer.

Children's scooters show children's personality and passion for sports, help children release their natural sports power, and make childhood more fun.