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Who is “the first electric bicycle for young people”?

pxid 2021-05-25 88 times

Post-95s have been labeled with too many labels: personality, unreliable, high-cold, rebellious, pursuit of existence and identity, hedonism, two-dimensional youth... Is this really what post-95s look like?

of course not! We like novel things and are not resigned to rules; we have dreams and dare to chase, but we don't like being "painted pie"; we like to express ourselves and never care about form!

For the post-95s generation, personality is not only a language level, but also a way of life.

The choice of electric bicycles is the same. If you are not individual, you would rather die!

Under this, PXID perfectly meets the needs of young people with higher intelligent technology, high-quality design, fashionable taste, and low car purchase threshold, and has become the most worthy first electric bicycle of the post-95 generation.

In the era when all people look at their faces, the importance of face value is self-evident. Without a good face value, no matter how good the product is, it is easy to be overlooked.

For the post-95s who are at the forefront of fashion and always implement the "value of beauty" selection criteria, they will never blindly follow to choose products with no personality and mediocrity.

Who is "the first electric bicycle for young people"?

Therefore, in the selection of cars, distinctive models are undoubtedly more attractive.

Fashion trend, simplicity and comfort are the first impressions of PXID. Electric vehicles built with a stylish and concise concept can be described as a very fashionable frontier in appearance design, and are outstanding in the field of fashionable and lightweight models.

The styling design of the one-piece frame further highlights the fashion trend of the whole vehicle, and the concise color matching greatly improves the recognition of the whole vehicle.

The angel cat’s eye headlights are vivid, showing laziness and comfort in their agility; the LCD screen is clearer and more fashionable, combining technology and beauty; the rear LED taillights are bright and eye-catching; the thickened shock-absorbing front fork and the rear spring are cool and stylish, Every dynamic design is constantly attracting everyone's attention.

Post-95s are full of exploratory spirit, have the courage to try new things, and hope to be at the forefront of fashion technology. We are curious but not blind. In addition to personality, post-95s care about the "value" of products. In terms of product functions, we have fully considered the diversified car usage scenarios and needs of users, and made unique planning and design.

"Pay attention to every detail, pay attention to quality and quality." PXID electric bicycle design, the ultimate pursuit of performance, so that each car is not only a travel "fashion item", but also a pair of "armor" to ensure safe travel.