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How to find creativity and inspiration for scooter design?

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Scooter design is not only an appearance design, but also the design and expression of the shape, positional relationship between features, materials, colors, and surface treatment methods of industrial products. It is mainly an expression of beauty and is widely used in industrial products. , Handicrafts, daily necessities and other industries.

A truly outstanding industrial designer, in addition to the creative skills in aesthetics, should also understand and be familiar with the working principle, function realization method, internal structure, product realization process, manufacturing method, and mold realization method of the designed product. and many more.

Of course, as a designer, you need a lot of design inspiration and ideas. After all, inspiration is the most important spiritual work for industrial design. Only works full of spirituality can move people's hearts. Where does the designer's inspiration come from? Here are a few points for your analysis.

1. Watch more and accumulate more-good material is very important

Aesthetics is the upper limit of the designer's ability. How to improve aesthetic ability? It’s very simple. Look at the cutting-edge excellent design works and accumulate a large amount of design materials. This is one of the most basic and effective ways to accumulate design inspiration as a designer. Any master’s hard drive is full of various types. Design material.

Of course, you should also pay attention to the method of collecting materials. You don't want to download the materials you want on the Internet and throw them aside. You always need to think about them and try to find their design highlights and flaws.

How to find creativity and inspiration for scooter design?

2. Tactful plagiarism and reference-the conversion of creative thinking

What does witty plagiarism and borrowing mean?

First of all, you have to take reference as learning, and continue to accumulate and summarize in the learning process. Why did he do this, why did he typeset in this way, why did he use this kind of text, why did he use this pattern, the purpose of his design like this, is this design really good? Everyone has different aesthetics for scooter design. Maybe his work is unreasonable. Ask yourself why, so that you will grow up quickly.

3. "Inspiration in the book"

Basic writing skills is a compulsory course for designers. Basic writing skills can only be learned from various books. Reading some books on design, art, literature, poetry, philosophy, etc., while reading these books, not only accumulates own knowledge It will also stimulate your inspiration. When you read a certain poem, the artistic conception in the poem may be your creative inspiration.

4. Imagine carefully and compare repeatedly

In the process of designing my own works, I design a few more colors, materials, surface treatments, and more contrasts. In this industrial design, I find out their own advantages and combine them to make my own works better. Find out what is successful and what is not good in between, and there will be a good plan in the end.

Inspiration is a slowly evolving thing. It's not that all problems have been solved with a flash of light. Inspiration is not so much an idea and creativity, as it is beauty waiting to be discovered by you. More often, inspiration is just a random existence. As long as you look more and try more, something beautiful may appear.