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A portable transport tool for European city travel—electric scooters, you need to know these regulations

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More and more tourists who are traveling in Europe are starting to rent convenient electric scooters. Whether it is in Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Rome or Paris, the rules for driving on the road are different in various parts of Europe. Travelers must understand the local rules in advance to avoid unnecessary disputes.

• Different cities have different age restrictions

• Only France and Germany have compulsory insurance

• So far, the Netherlands has not yet allowed the use

Electric scooters are one of the streetscapes of European metropolises and are mainly used as shared rentals. However, there are many problems in daily use: such as violation of traffic rules, reckless driving, random parking, and sometimes collisions with pedestrians, resulting in serious accidents.

A portable transport tool for European city travel—electric scooters, you need to know these regulations

The German Automobile Club lawyer Peter Jacklin said that the problems caused by electric scooters are similar all over the world. Compared with Europe, the solutions targeted by each country are different.

Not allowed in the Netherlands. Scooters are almost all over Europe. But there are exceptions, such as the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, electric scooters are similar to mopeds and therefore require a driver’s seat. Everyone knows that electric scooters drive standing up, so they do not comply with Dutch traffic rules and cannot be driven on the road.

Only Germany and France have compulsory insurance. So far, helmets are only required in Portugal. Most countries and regions allow riding on sidewalks and bicycle lanes in pedestrian zones.

If you bring a scooter with you when you travel, you need to know the country’s regulations in advance. For example, it is not allowed to carry scooters with German license plates.

Regulations applicable to Germany and Europe. In Germany, it is allowed to drive on motor vehicle lanes and bicycle lanes. Generally, it is not allowed to drive on the sidewalk; only under special circumstances, it is allowed to use on the sidewalk, and there are obvious signs. It can be used from the age of 14 and does not require a moped test certificate or driver's license.

Electric scooters can only be used alone and cannot carry children. A helmet is recommended, but not required. The limit of alcohol for drivers is 0.5ml per milliliter. In the event of a malfunction, the minimum alcohol is 0.3ml and for novices it is 0.0. Drunk driving is not allowed.