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The freedom brought by the scooter feels like you can’t stop it!

pxid 2021-05-22 102 times

Urban youth are always eager to get rid of the shackles and find pleasure. This kind of true pursuit is everywhere. Ride on the scooter and head towards freedom. Today, the outside is as cool as the inside!

Where is the beauty that looks effortless, behind it is uninterrupted exercise. Design is not about boldness, but the degree of love. I really enjoy this kind of fighting for my dreams. You have your direction, I have my goals, understand each other and encourage each other. Don't pay attention to those different voices, just go to the end if you find it.

Let the beauty go with you, don't miss the beautiful scenery along the way! The curved pole design, the arc has been adjusted dozens of times by the designer, and the shape is as elegant as a swan neck. Simple but not simple, the arc-shaped integrated minimalist design, from the pedal to the height of the ground, carefully considers every detail of the driver, giving you a different aesthetic experience.

The freedom brought by the scooter feels like you can't stop it!

The beauty we have been looking for is actually right under our feet, right beside us. PXID’s ingenuity, every detail is meticulously crafted, the model of the scooter is exported to the world, the unique design and practical value have been unanimously recognized, and there have been orders for 50,000 units in less than two months after the market. Reached 75 million sales. The trend design of shared electric scooters in the future, you also deserve to have.

Full of energy, beyond your imagination, the safe power lithium battery is clean energy and will not cause pollution to the environment; high-rate and high-power power supply, safe and durable performance. In addition to the lithium battery that comes with the bottom plate, a removable battery is also designed. After the original power is exhausted, the battery can also be used for power supply to meet the needs of users for long-distance and long-distance riding.

Light life in the city, a new cool play experience-energy recovery system. A3's electric scooter is also equipped with an energy recovery system applied to cars. During driving, the EBS electronic brake response is accurately calculated to reduce up to 10% Energy recovery improves the use efficiency of electricity and increases endurance.

One dial, one press, one buckle, fast folding in 3 seconds, stable and convenient. Innovative folding design scheme, simple and easy-to-operate principle, under the condition of ensuring the overall appearance design language, realize the folding card position, which not only solves the troubles of user handling and storage, the A3 scooter also follows the original intention of simple appearance design. The folding structure concept of high-end folding bike level is safe and durable, and the folding design is not easy to shake.