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Simple design, quality strikes

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When we talk about electric scooters, what do you care most about? power? Battery life? Safety? Here, I have everything you want! Scooter is a new travel concept, the pursuit of speed, avoiding congestion. Scooter is also a new lifestyle, green travel, energy saving and emission reduction.

Simple design, quality strikes! To enjoy traveling, to enjoy life, the beauty of life lies in the discovery of different scenery; the beauty of traveling lies in my way of being unique. Simple and streamlined sports car design with stylish exterior light, derived from the extreme sports design of the sports car, you can see your speed at a glance and experience the extreme sports passion.

Simple design, quality strikes

Power-type lithium batteries will take you all the way forward. High-rate and high-power power supply, safe and durable performance, creative lithium battery front axle design, the battery core is designed inside the front axle instead of at the bottom of the pedal, which can effectively avoid the squeezing of the battery caused by the pedal hitting the ground and improve safety. The battery is removable, practical and convenient. Equipped with an energy recovery system used in automobiles, it can enhance the endurance while being environmentally friendly.

Freedom-play with every possibility of travel. Two riding methods, stand up riding: cool and wave up, sit up riding: you can also add a saddle, which is more comfortable and safer. The sporty saddle cushion is breathable and not stuffy, with a reasonable ergonomic design, which is both light and comfortable. Every possibility of free travel has its own creation.

Comfortably enjoy every scenery during the journey. Comfortable electric scooter non-slip pedals, soft silicone pedals, protruding non-slip particles, support washing with water. Traveling is a landscape.