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Why does the electric car have less power when left?

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Why is the battery of electric motorcycles getting less and less when they are clearly left without riding? Is this normal?

First, there is a self-discharge phenomenon in the battery. In other words, if the battery is naturally placed there, and no electrical appliances are connected, its power will gradually decrease. This is because there are some impurities and deposits in the electrolyte of the battery, which will lose part of the electricity when the battery is internally circulated.

Self-discharge is a normal phenomenon. If there is only self-discharge, it will take a long time to run out of battery power.

But the actual situation is that current electric vehicles are equipped with remote control alarms and other devices. These devices are connected to the battery, which is equivalent to the existence of an external discharge circuit, and these circuits are still in a state of high power consumption. Take the alarm as an example, there is usually a discharge current of 6 mA or even 8 mA.

Why does the electric car have less power when left?

Under such circumstances, even if we turn off the power of the electric vehicle and leave it unused, the battery power will gradually decrease. Take a 48V12Ah battery (0.576 kWh) and an 8 mA alarm as an example. The alarm consumes 0.0092 kWh per day, and the battery will be exhausted in about 60 days.

If we have not fully charged the battery before, or if the electric vehicle is parked and not used when the battery power is half remaining, and left for a month, the battery power will be used up and the battery will face a state of deep discharge.

In order to avoid this situation, when we buy electric vehicles, we must pay attention to choosing low-power alarms. When the power consumption of the alarm is reduced from six milliamperes or eight milliamperes to one milliampere, the time that the electric vehicle can be placed has increased by more than 5 times.

If the electric motorcycle is not used for a long time, be sure to fully charge it before storing, and check the power regularly to recharge it in time.