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A memorable transportation “plaything”-scooter experience

pxid 2021-05-19 116 times

Now more people pay attention to green travel. Riding shared bicycles and taking bus and subway have become the first choice for more people to commute. In this way, it can reduce pollution and exercise. However, some office workers and student parties want to take the bus and subway or even walk a long way from their doorstep. Relatively speaking, it is time-consuming and inconvenient. There should be a solution to this situation, that is, to have a portable and easy-to-carry third type of transportation tool. The electric scooter, as a "plaything" that has become more and more popular in recent years, is an absolute must. Best choice. This is also another choice for many people who pursue fashion and still innocent in addition to conventional transportation.

There are many brands of scooters on the market, but in terms of brand, product quality, design, etc., PXID scooters can be a very good choice for commuting and leisure. As a professional scooter design brand, PXID is not only loved by ordinary people, but also a loyal choice of domestic and foreign celebrities and other high-end users. Although the brand is an original brand that started as a scooter, its product line actually covers a wide range, from 1-year-old children’s scooters to adult scooters, to such as scooters suitcases, mini single cars and children’s trolleys, etc. There are also more choices of colors. After the comparison, the following is the overall feeling after the experience:

A memorable transportation "plaything"-scooter experience

1. The overall material is very good;

2. The control is also very smooth;

3. The appearance design is fashionable, the colors are bright and rich, and its appearance design has even become the object of other brands vying to imitate.

In terms of riding experience, since my recent short-distance trips rely on this electric scooter, overall it has brought me a good experience. In terms of speed, it is definitely not as good as bicycles. A travel distance of 1km-3km can be said to be more appropriate. For example, you can use a scooter to fill this gap perfectly when you go out to buy food and get express delivery or the last mile of travel.

The overall design and color matching have greatly improved the rate of return. The convenience, stability, and product quality are all very good. For the editor who has never been in contact with such scooters since childhood, riding an electric scooter on the road is also very good. Happy. If you also need a portable scooter that can be used in daily work and life, then the PXID scooter can be your first choice!