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After confirming the eyes, PXID’s TA is the uncrowned king of scooters!

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TA has fashion! Fashion knows no boundaries, and every industry has its own definition of fashion. Do you think electric scooters are just transportation? Wrong, TA also has its own style of fashion-light luxury style, derived from the concept of youth, abandoning luxury high-profile, high-fashion tonality. TA is not only fashionable, but also adds a sense of technology to make the scooter more exciting. Extremely light and luxurious, meticulously crafted to achieve the uncrowned king who runs farther!

Lightweight integrated frame, more technological content. Reduce vibration and run farther and comfortably. The battery layer is dipped to protect the battery from running smoothly; the double-layer paint is strong and not easy to rust; the lifting-type stable battery box does not touch the bottom and is more beautiful; the robot stamping and welding process makes the welding seam even and flat without breaking .

After confirming the eyes, PXID’s TA is the uncrowned king of scooters!

The scooter power motor of PXID Scooter Design Company ensures lower temperature rise loss, higher operating efficiency, patented dustproof and waterproof, prolonged service life, and improved performance by 37%. T power control system can run farther.

The dimming system makes the switching between far and near light more obvious, presenting the most perfect illumination effect, the bright cutting line of the light is more obvious, and the incredibly fast lightening frequency dimming makes it safer to drive at night.

Come and get your uncrowned king of scooter!