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I am a scooter, I will drive you to find happiness!

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Happiness can't wait, go out to find it. In the process of feeling while walking, happiness comes into my heart. I am a scooter, I will drive you to find happiness.

The minimalist design of the scooter, with a solemn request, the small windshield front, gives you a hint of departure. Starting from the ordinary life, all the way to the vast world.

Electric scooters make you exquisite. 48v10.4Ah high-capacity lithium battery, achieving an ultra-long mileage of 45km. Looking at the beauty of spring and summer, the ride is light and vigorous.

I am a scooter, I will drive you to find happiness!

Traveling in life is a small case for me. Go out shopping, stop and go, super convenient and trouble-free, leaving you more time to enjoy a happy calm.

Ride me off, you will feel extraordinary refreshment. The hyperbolic shape of the stylish grip makes full use of ergonomics, making driving less tired and more relaxed. From arm to body, it is extremely comfortable!

Foot brake electronic brake double-effect brake, easily deal with all kinds of corners and sudden stops. Safety is guaranteed. Take you to feel pleasure on the journey. Come for a trip that just walks away, and happiness is ahead.