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The brake is too tight/too loose/noise, don’t worry, you can adjust it in one action

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The brake is the guarantee of riding safety. Usually, we can use the method of "pinch, loosen, turn and turn" to check the brakes. The specific operations are as follows:

Squeeze, hold the handlebar with both hands, brake left and right, push and pull the electric car forward and backward at the same time, under normal braking conditions, the wheels will not rotate at this time; loosen and release the handle, the normal brake system will quickly Reset; turn one turn, turn the speed control handle, the motor brakes after running, under normal circumstances, the motor can be powered off immediately.

electric bicycle design, electric bicycle

During use, if the brakes are too tight/too loose/abnormally wiping, we can also adjust them at home. To adjust the position, turn the nut to adjust the tightness.

If it is an electric bicycle, in addition to adjusting the rear wheel, you can also slightly adjust the two nuts at the front handle to achieve better results.

If the electric vehicle encounters other more complicated problems, it is not recommended that you adjust it yourself, and you should go to the store to have a professional inspect and deal with it.