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The advanced color system is more brilliant, becoming the focus of its own, and holding the audience

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Each era has its own unique label, and the travel era (post-95-post-00) has arrived! Young, energetic, and dare to love and hate are the styles of this era. Traveling with electric scooters-a new fashion, becoming the focus of its own, making a call for the green travel era. When the light is on the car body, you can hold the whole audience, the unrestrained sunlight has depth, and our attitude is interpreted with advanced colors.

The new era of electric scooter travel, enjoy the prosperous travel, enjoy the nature, and open a new experience of driving operation. Travel freely along the beautiful scenery and become the focal point on the road. It is so small and light, riding it will give you the envy of others' eyes, and you can experience an extraordinary driving experience with it.

The advanced color system is more brilliant, becoming the focus of its own, and holding the audience

Ideal durability, equipped with aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame, so that it has a strong body, and has a load capacity of 120 kg. PXID scooter design company also considered the sharing market of scooters when designing. After the improvement, the car body structure and other functions have been updated. For example, the whole car meets the IPX5 waterproof rating and various durability upgrades, ensuring that it can provide you with long-term service.

Both comfortable and safe, for users, riding on rough roads may be a challenge. Our designers understand this and hope that your journey will be more comfortable. Drawing inspiration from the bicycle design, we use 8.5-inch non-slip rubber tires with shock absorption function. Even under bumps and bumps on the uneven ground, your riding can be smoother and more stable.

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