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What was once a degree of electricity used for? A new definition of one kilowatt-hour

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Do you know about one kilowatt-hour? What can it be used for?

A 25-watt desk lamp can keep on for 40 hours. A household energy-saving refrigerator can work continuously for 20 hours. Ordinary electric fans can keep running for 15 hours. Mobile phones, air conditioners, microwave ovens...every kilowatt-hour of electricity is playing its value. And now once a kilowatt-hour of electricity has a new definition.

The "Technical Specification for Energy-saving Certification of Electric Bicycles" was officially launched. The energy-saving certification rules for motorcycles and electric bicycles, the core energy-saving standard: only one kilowatt-hour of electricity can run 75 kilometers to be considered an energy-saving electric bicycle.

electric bicycle design, electric bicycle

Strict testing conditions: the total weight of the car and the person is 135kg, no more and no less.

User benefits of timing: There is a new standard for car selection, and it is more worry-free to use a car to save money.

Let your bike run farther and make every kilowatt of electricity more valuable.