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How to correctly judge the remaining power of the battery?

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Old irons, here I am! Today the scooter design company shares some important but easily overlooked knowledge points.

How to correctly judge the remaining power of the electric scooter battery?

Answer: Many people don't know whether the remaining battery power depends on the power after turning on the power, or the power after turning it to the end. The correct way is to observe the remaining power at the lowest position after the cycling acceleration process.

Can the battery be charged at any time without losing power?

How to correctly judge the remaining power of the battery?

Answer: It is not recommended to charge as you use it. The battery has a fixed number of cycles of charge and discharge. The more charge and discharge, the faster the battery life will be reduced. Therefore, the best time to charge is when the power is less than about 20%. More than 8 hours is appropriate.

After the charger shows the green light, do I need to continue charging?

Answer: The green light means that the battery is fully charged, but the charger will not stop charging and will continue to charge. This is called floating charge. After fully charged, it can be properly floated for 1-2 hours.

I would like to remind all new and old drivers here again that it is very important for electric scooters to pay attention to reasonable and correct charging. On the one hand, it can be safer, and on the other hand, the battery will be more durable. Okay, let’s share so much today. Bye~