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Children’s scooters become “standard equipment” for kindergarten

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Now almost every child has his own car, which is especially convenient for traveling. And there is a car that has always been loved by parents and is often seen in various places.

Children's scooters become "standard equipment" for kindergarten

When Kobayashi was picking up the children from school recently, he found that there were many scooters at the entrance of the kindergarten. At first, he thought it was a competition for the kindergarten; but as the children came out, these scooters were taken away one by one. Xiao Lin suddenly realized that these cars all have owners. On the way home, watching the children driving their cars, adults only need to take their schoolbags.

After I went home and asked my daughter, I learned that many children have their own cars. I communicated with my daughter. Xiaolin also gave her a car on her daughter’s birthday.

Don’t you know the 3 benefits of scooters?

1. Enhance physical fitness

Now children have too little time for outdoor activities. They basically live in the middle of various cram schools, and they are particularly dependent on adults when they go out.

With the scooter, children also like outdoor sports more and more. They can ride happily in the park in the community, cool and increase the amount of exercise. If you exercise your body virtually, your physical fitness will naturally improve.

2. Expand the circle of friends and become more sunny

Many parents find that after their children play on scooters, their personalities have changed a lot. Playing scooters can increase children's knowledge and make more friends with common interests; they play together, exchange experiences with each other, and are recognized in the circle of friends, making them more willing to express themselves.

To gain confidence in sports, children love to laugh more and more. And in the process of communicating with partners, the collision of ideas is often unexpected. This kind of progress is difficult for parents to give.

Children's scooters become "standard equipment" for kindergarten

3. Exercise the child's overall coordination ability

When a child is playing a scooter, he is affected by both speed and inertia, and his body needs to react in time to maintain balance. Children need to learn to control their bodies during the journey, and by controlling their limbs, they can get a perfect fit and make their coordination ability better.

When encountering unexpected situations, a certain degree of judgment and response power are needed to ensure that they achieve the desired results.

Scooter has many benefits, and the precautions should not be taken lightly

1. Do a good job of protection

After all, scooters are speed-type sports, and the problem of children accidentally falling is still very serious. Parents should prepare protective gear for the child to protect the key parts of the child and ensure that the child will not be injured during exercise.

2. Pay attention to the environment

When picking up and picking up children, many parents will use their hands to control their children's handlebars, until they reach the community before letting their children play. In places with a lot of traffic, do not let children play freely. Try to choose places without cars or inside the park, and let children play freely to avoid accidents.

3. Basic educational knowledge

At first, parents still have to instruct their children, let them know some skills, so that they can get started. After the child is playing relatively smoothly, parents only need to remind them of safety occasionally.

4. Adjust the appropriate height

The height of the scooter can be adjusted. Parents can adjust it to a suitable place when the child is playing. Too high or too low will cause physical pressure on the baby. If the parent finds the child's posture is weird, it is likely that it has not been adjusted properly.