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PXID compulsory course: Please understand the basic common sense of these electric bicycle batteries!

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After a long winter, and now the weather is getting warmer, your electric bicycle is about to start high-efficiency applications. Many users know little about the maintenance of bicycles, especially the reasonable application of its core component, battery. Batteries are the blood of electric vehicles, providing continuous energy for electric vehicles

★Battery charger

Choice: Please use the special charger provided with the car. In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the battery by non-standard and inferior chargers.

Use: When using the charger, plug it into the vehicle's charging port before connecting to the power source. After charging, unplug the power supply and then unplug the charging port connector.

★Battery charging and discharging

When charging the battery for the first time, it can be charged for an additional 2 hours after the battery is fully charged, but the total time should not exceed 8 hours.

In use, when the electric energy of the electric vehicle is lower than 20%, it should be charged in time. If it continues to drive, it will damage the battery and affect its service life.

In the high-frequency use cycle, it is best to perform a deep discharge every quarter to activate the active material that sinks in the battery in time.

PXID compulsory course: Please understand the basic common sense of these electric bicycle batteries!

★Storage of battery

Long-term storage of the battery will gradually reduce the electrical energy, so the battery should be charged (recharged) once about half a month to avoid sulfation affecting the battery performance.

Do not touch the open flame when storing the battery; avoid sunlight exposure in summer to avoid water loss in the battery.

★Riding power consumption

When starting or riding, you should avoid turning the speed control handle quickly to increase the speed of the electric bicycle instantaneously, and avoid damaging the battery plate caused by instantaneous excessive current.

Sudden braking or excessive speed will quickly consume battery power and increase the loss of the battery. Therefore, you should try to avoid frequent sudden braking and excessive speed when riding.

★Battery adapts to temperature

The best temperature for battery use is 25℃-35℃. The ion movement resistance of the electrolyte inside the battery increases with the decrease of temperature in winter, and it is only equivalent to 70%-80% of the summer state when fully charged.