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In April, your “type” is not “type”, TA has the final say!

pxid 2021-05-13 136 times

Years can only achieve extraordinary achievements. Powerful upgrade and new life. Give PXID electric scooter extraordinary charm. From the beginning of the design, the passion has never stopped.

Although the appearance has changed, the design heart remains the same. Let your journey of travel be reborn and stronger, so that you can hold on to everything.

In April, your "type" is not "type", TA has the final say!

Accumulate energy to move forward, everything can be expected. Only with a new life and a big pattern can we go further!

With all things in mind, the road ahead is open-minded. Electric scooters are given a new lease of life, using their strength to make hormones bursting. Riding on it is the real pretty boy.