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Scooter | Travel ta to protect and start a free and enjoyable journey

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In the new era of travel, let electric scooters take you to enjoy the prosperity, enjoy nature, and start the fun of experience together.

Travel ta to guard and start a journey of freedom and enjoyment. To accompany you to meet the beauty of life, to see life from a distance, to feel warm and cold up close, and to move forward.

PXID Industrial Design Company focuses on scooter design, has a professional design team, has won multiple national patents, and covers more than 70 countries and regions around the world. It has become a more trusted scooter design company in the scooter industry.

Imported batteries are very different. Using 18650 high-performance imported batteries, BMS program, stable and strong output, the same battery size, the cruising range is increased by about 40%. Pack light, small size and big energy.

scooter design, electric scooter

The use of 3D integrated forging forming and low-pressure pouring technology ensures the continuity of the metal fiber structure and keeps it consistent with the shape, complete metal lines, good mechanical properties and long service life.

Innovative folding method, realizing one-second folding, stable and convenient. When folding, hold the handlebar firmly, step on the folding lock buckle forcefully, then slowly lower the vertical pole of the car, and clamp the storage lock buckle on the vertical pole to the position on the rear fender. The net weight of the vehicle is 13.5kg, which is equivalent to the weight of a bag of rice, and it is effortless to go up and down stairs.

The direction of the heart is where you can go. When a person is on the way, the heart moves with the situation, from the beginning to the end. The heart is far away, just go forward bravely, dreams will guide the way, how far you go, and how far you go, connecting your footprints into a lifeline. An electric scooter is not only a means of transportation, but also a good partner to accompany you to enjoy life. Take a scooter and take a picture of the scenery.