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Recommended electric bicycles for resuming work after the epidemic

pxid 2021-05-12 132 times

Spring is blooming, the epidemic is about to recede, and most people are beginning to return to work. What should I do if I don’t want to take the densely populated public transportation? Today, I found several electric bicycles that meet the new national standard for commuting to and from get off work.

Let me first talk about what the new national standard is: the new national standard policy divides electric two-wheelers into three categories: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and electric mopeds. Divided by nature, the former is a non-motor vehicle, and the latter is a motor vehicle. Take Beijing as an example. Electric bicycles do not limit the driver's household registration and driving qualifications (adults only), and can enjoy the same driving area as ordinary bicycles in the city. As long as the vehicle meets the new policy standards (vehicles are equipped with pedals, the maximum speed must not exceed 25km/h, the weight of the vehicle must not exceed 55kg, the motor power must not exceed 400W, and the battery voltage must not exceed 48V), you can legally obtain the right of way through the license plate. Electric mopeds are currently running on the road with temporary license plates, which will be cancelled in October next year.

The most important thing about urban commuting is the battery life of electric vehicles. Next, let’s take a look at the models I picked for you.

Electric moped

What should I do if I am too busy at work and have no time to exercise? PXID electric bicycle design company has designed a moped that can meet the needs of daily commuting and exercise, and it can also burn calories on the way to work. Good-looking and easy-to-use, the curved and flexible body shape highlights a warm and lively appearance, highlighting individuality, reasonable structure and space arrangement, both beauty and practicality.

electric bicycle, electric bicycle design

Ultralight folding bike

This ultra-light folding bike designed by PXID is dominated by geometric elements. The design is simple but not simple. Everywhere shows the technological content and exquisite workmanship. It has a powerful appearance, mechanical triangle support, and a truly stable body structure. Innovative free-style folding, one-second folding, one step in place.

electric bicycle, electric bicycle design

Sport wind electric bicycle

Simple and stylish design style, cool sports style, streamlined design and dynamic and cool sports atmosphere, this electric bicycle is based on geometric elements. The design is simple but not simple, every place has the characteristics of technical content and superb craftsmanship, it is simply not too beautiful!

electric bicycle, electric bicycle design

Harley Electric

Every Harley has an unruly soul. The designers of PXID have upgraded Harley's electric vehicles, combining Harley's cool and wild with the fashion of modern technology, making it even more cool and cool. Classic dark red and black color scheme, large capacity lithium battery pack.

electric motorcycle

Which one do you like best? Which one is your "fashion king"?