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Cycling changes life, my PXID scooter notes

pxid 2021-05-11 150 times

Sometimes a small thing, a small persistence can change everything about you, just like my scooter ride. From the initial purchase, it now accounts for most of my life. It not only brings me the convenience of travel, but also brings me positive changes and life.

Since I started riding an electric scooter, I have traveled a lot of roads. For a period of time, in order to shorten the time on the road to and from get off work, I tried many ways to match scooters with buses and subways, and then I chose a suitable time. On the road with a lot of breakfast, good scenery, and few vehicles, then there is a long-term persistence. This persistence saved me a lot of gas bills, reduced my weight back to the college days, and improved my mental state at work every day.

Of course there are some who try with me, but not many persist. They feel that sitting in a car blocked on the road is more comfortable than riding a scooter outside. Some of them can't stand the heat or cold, and this makes me After truly experiencing the changes in the four seasons, my body has become less prone to catching colds; some of them don't like the noisy and smelly morning market, but I like this bustling very much. As for the taste, it is at least healthier than car exhaust. In fact, I was not used to it at the beginning, but after long-term persistence, you will slowly discover a lot of changes, and I enjoy such changes now.

Cycling changes life, my PXID scooter notes


Not only do I go to work and ride my electric scooter under normal circumstances, I often ride it to go shopping, and I am no longer afraid of breaking my leg, but there are still cases of broken hands, but the two kinds of pain are missing. , It is not so unbearable anymore. I often go out to ride on weekends. Although I can't go to a few scenic spots in a day, I can ride at the speed of a scooter just so I can enjoy it all the way in depth. I have tried bicycles to visit scenic spots before, and it was good at first, but the latter part and the return journey will become very tired. The electric scooters are electric, but I am not afraid of this problem, and I can take the bus, subway or private at any time. car.

Now a scooter has become an important game concern for interaction between friends. I feel that it has become an important member of my life. I hope I can continue to stick to it, stick to riding, and stick to a positive life.