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There are N ways to unlock a new car, you deserve it!

pxid 2021-05-10 146 times

With a monthly income of more than 3,000, I work hard in a big city. Rent, water and electricity, worry about every month, the electric car that has been with me for a long time has reached the age of replacement. Trade-in is the best option. It reduces the pressure on the wallet and can choose a new partner. Rounding up is like a white prostitution.

The compact PXID electric car is a choice, and there is no reason for rejection, which is convenient and safe. The extractable and portable lithium battery is 10kg lighter than ordinary lead-acid batteries, has 7 times higher energy density, good cycle characteristics and long service life.

Fresh graduates in the workplace are no longer embarrassed to ask for money at home. To save money and time, I was fed up with the crowded subway and wanted to buy an electric car to solve it.

There are N ways to unlock a new car, you deserve it!

PXID makes people unable to find a reason for rejection. The integrated large frame has a unique appearance; the large-capacity wild-matched battery can meet various distances and conditions, and the 500W high-performance motor can definitely sleep for 5 minutes. The integrated rear taillight combination has its own halo, which is safe and eye-catching when driving at night.

Some people say that buying a car is like going on a blind date. The most important thing is to look at the value first, the appearance is good-looking, eye-catching, and the price is low? Save money, arrange!

Then I met the PXID electric scooter, the beauty first!

The 560mm thick seat cushion fits the curve of the human buttocks and avoids forward rushing design, which is comfortable and safe. The 600W motor has advanced sports performance, combining comfort and speed, and the appearance and temperament are perfectly matched.

There are N ways to unlock a new car, select the car online, start from understanding...