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PXID: Who are you, what kind of car I am, ride on me, I belong to you

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night. When many people stay at home playing games, playing mobile phones, watching TV-are you a bit restless after being depressed by work for a day and bored? Do you want to tear away the mystery of the night and see what excitement is hidden?

The heart is moved, and the action must be responded! Put on your leather shoes, tidy up your clothes, go out, and have a warmer and more graceful ride!

The car has gone, and you can't see your back in the dark. But leaving a charming charm, fascinating. This...what car?

PXID: Who are you, what kind of car I am, ride on me, I belong to you

PXID electric bicycle, a brand new model in 2020, looks like a tough guy full of tendons, it exudes strength invisibly. Its bright LED headlights are a sword that tears through the night, helping you to see everything under the black and move forward bravely! With a broader space, you can take you around the city; the all-rounder you want to bring and buy, you can drive and ride easily, leaving your personality, freedom and fashion.

It uses improvements and upgrades to create two new cars with different functions to increase the probability of achieving dreams for life and travel-electric bicycles are lighter and more enjoyable; high explosive power, high braking force, let you at high speed Unleash the power of conquering in Mercedes-Benz!

How do you feel about such a good car? Is the eye and heart focused at the same time? Is there nowhere to put hands and feet? Is the adrenaline soaring, the passion it brings? Or is it going to be dispatched immediately to have a fusion of senses and spirit at the same time? Both, let's go! PXID electric bicycle design company takes you far!

Who are you, what kind of car I am, ride on me, I belong to you.