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PXID takes you to open a new posture for fast travel in the city

pxid 2021-05-07 139 times

Want to know what kind of travel is fast and correct in current urban life? Today, let the editor of PXID scooter design tell you how to use scooter products to practice combined travel, and make travel different from now on.

Faced with the current urban traffic conditions, if your travel mode is still stuck in the choice of a single mode of transportation, then you need to rethink what kind of travel is the right one. Next, let the PXID scooter design tell you what the correct posture for urban travel should be?

Just like no one is perfect, so is every travel equipment. Although cars are fast, they have higher requirements on road conditions. They are more susceptible to traffic jams and become difficult to move. Public transportation is convenient and convenient. Both the BRT and the subway have dedicated lanes that will not be affected by traffic jams, but their stations are fixed, and direct access is not possible in most cases, and the remaining distance can only be long or short. Rely on walking. But how to use small and flexible scooters to combine cars or public transportation equipment to travel, then the effect is completely different.

PXID scooter design, electric scooter

PXID's various series of smart balance cars, whether it is a balance car or a scooter, have a performance that can meet most of the daily transportation needs, such as a maximum of 20km/h and a maximum load of 100kg. At the same time, they all have compact models and extremely light weights. The weight of the car, and some models can be folded, can be easily taken on the bus, subway or put into the trunk of the car, so as to achieve seamless connection to various travel equipment.

When commuting to and from get off work, you can ride the electric scooter to the station, get on and off, and then take it out and continue riding to the destination. The walking distance will be greatly reduced, and the efficiency of travel will also be reduced. Will greatly improve.

When traveling on holiday, put the scooter in the trunk of the car, which can be used to choose to park at a place with sufficient parking space and a distance from the destination, and then ride there; or you can take a 4+2 outing to reach the destination Behind the ground, ride a scooter to enjoy an enjoyable ride with zero distance to the scenery.

Now, do you understand how to travel quickly and correctly? You deserve to own the PXID electric scooter!