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The three main points of electric scooter travel can not be ignored at all!

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In the spring trilogy of electric vehicle travel instructions, PXID scooter design company prepared well early. Only if the electric car is well maintained, can travel in spring be fearless!


01 days dry and dry, pay attention to charging safety

When charging, keep the charger ventilated, otherwise it will not only affect the life of the charger, but also may cause thermal drift to affect the charging state and damage the battery. When driving, do not put the charger on the electric bicycle to prevent the internal short circuit of the charger caused by the bumpy road, which may cause a fire.

02Use a matching charger

The charger does not only need to be able to charge the battery. The quality of the electronic components of the mismatched charger is not guaranteed. It may happen that the battery does not turn on when the battery is fully charged, and the charging current cannot be adjusted according to the battery current. This may cause a large number of batteries to be overcharged and reduce the battery life.

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The three main points of electric scooter travel can not be ignored at all!

01Pay attention to driving safety

In spring, the wind is strong in the north and rain in the south, which has a certain impact on the driving of electric vehicles. When the road surface is watery, try to bypass it to prevent the motor from flooding and causing safety hazards. In windy weather, you must pay attention to slow speed changes when traveling, and pay more attention to road conditions to prevent unexpected situations.

02Don't install obstructions

Never install shelters, such as canopy umbrellas, on electric vehicles. Blocking the line of sight will bring great safety hazards to vehicles, and traffic safety is the most important.


01Regular inspection and cleaning

In spring, the wind is strong and the dust will increase. Once dust accumulates on important nodes of the vehicle, it may affect driving safety during driving, so it must be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, remember not to flush the area with cables, such as controllers, handles, batteries, motors, etc.

02Check carefully before using the vehicle

Whether the car is in good condition, such as whether the tire pressure is sufficient, whether the front and rear brakes are sensitive, whether the vehicle has abnormal noise, whether the screws are loose, whether the battery is full, etc., good vehicle performance can ensure driving safety.