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How to maintain the electric scooter normally?

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Do you know how to maintain an electric scooter normally?

Everyone bought a beloved electric scooter, hoping that it will always look brand new, but some people don’t know how to maintain it normally, so that the scooter will soon have to be repaired and replaced with parts. In addition to heartache and loss, it is more sad. This is caused by inadequate maintenance.
The following scooter design company provides you with some small methods to allow you to properly maintain it, no matter how far and how long you travel with it, it will still be your beloved original electric scooter.

1. Regular cleaning, instantly tall

The scooter has been walking outdoors, it is inevitable that some sludge or dirt will stick to it, then we need to clean it regularly. If you are afraid of improper operation, it is recommended that you find the after-sales customer service for scientific cleaning, so that your electric scooter will always have a brand new Appearance.

2. Do not store randomly, and maintain in place

After all, it is composed of multiple metal parts. When not in use, you should avoid storing your car in a humid place. As for the maintenance of the battery, if you do not use it for a long time, it is recommended that you charge the battery once a month to maintain the vitality of the battery.

3. Replace the inner and outer tires to make walking smoother

Electric scooters rely on two wheels to walk, long-term walking, tire wear is certain. But if you ignore it, it will affect normal walking. Therefore, when you find that the inner and outer tires of the electric scooter are damaged and need to be repaired and replaced, you must open the side cover without the indicator light to operate. During this process, turn off the power and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the ring side bolts. During this process, don't pull the connecting wire harnesses in the side covers on both sides.