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How much do you know about PXID electric scooters?

pxid 2021-04-29 114 times

The scooter is a product that is full of recent topics and is very popular. Relatively speaking, many riders have many questions about this new product. PXID scooter design company will focus on answering the current suggestions. There are more questions.

Since the advent of electric scooters, it has been very well-known and popular among the user groups, and has attracted the attention of more riders. In order to let the friends know this car better, today the editor of the scooter design company summarizes some of the questions that everyone has asked more frequently, and answer them one by one.

1. Are the front and rear tires replaceable?

The front tires of the PXID scooter are pneumatic tires, and the rear tires are solid. This design has stronger grip on the front wheel, and pneumatic tires have a certain shock absorption capacity, while the solid tires of the rear wheel are relatively inferior to pneumatic tires. , But it is not easy to break, and there is no need to consider issues such as punctures, and in the actual riding process, the impact force on the front wheel of the electric scooter is greater than the rear wheel, so this design is actually more reasonable. Urban roads are generally relatively stable, so riding will not feel very bumpy.

2.How about the waterproofness?

The battery is attached to the lever of the operating lever. Under normal circumstances, water can never be soaked. However, the scooter is a small wheel design, and the height of the pedal is not high. I believe most riders would not choose to ride in a puddle. So riding a scooter on rainy days is completely stress-free, but it is not recommended for deep water.

3. Acceleration and braking problems

The maximum speed of PXID electric scooters is 25km/h. This speed is more suitable for urban travel and safer than some electric scooters that directly hit 40km/h. Riding at this speed, the brakes are There is basically no problem. As for acceleration, it is mainly carried out through the rotation of the handle, just like an electric car, and the acceleration is gradually rising, rather than a sharp rise. Relatively speaking, the riding is smoother and safer.