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Acting cool? How can I lose the PXID scooter

pxid 2021-04-24 113 times

PXID electric scooter is such a product that is cool from the inside out! Anyone who feels that they are not "cool" enough? With one, you can instantly increase your coolness index! Do you want to own a scooter that is both fashionable and endurable at the same time? This straddle scooter can meet all your needs. The appearance design is the latest dynamic concept of pxid, and every place highlights the dynamic and fashionable temperament, and makes every departure a new expectation.

Walk freely, with beautiful views along the way. Large-capacity lithium battery pack, larger capacity, longer battery life, meets better everything. The power capacity of the battery determines to a large extent the cruising range of the vehicle. The larger the battery, the longer the cruising range. The pxid scooter is designed to be upgraded and equipped with a large extended range lithium battery. The ultra-capacity configuration contains high electrical energy in such a compact battery, which provides a sufficient source of energy.

Do whatever you want, smooth and sharp. Power is also one of the most important design points. The motor and the controller are perfectly matched. At the start, the motor is quiet and the steering is flexible, which has the performance characteristics of an electric scooter. Both the front and rear are equipped with double spring shock absorbers, which greatly filter the shock of potholes and enjoy comfortable riding. Double braking, efficient braking, shortening the braking distance, more secure and safer.

It is simple and comfortable to travel with, and the seat can be adjusted and disassembled, giving you a different straddle riding experience. You can walk in the wind like a scooter, and you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you go; different ways, different excitement, you are the unique focus on the road.