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Careful design for more exciting riding-electric scooter

pxid 2021-04-21 192 times

PXID scooter design company has a very sincere intelligent travel tool-electric scooter, which is light and portable, multi-foldable, can seamlessly connect to various vehicles, and its super battery life is even more impressive.

Electric scooter products, whether on the street or in the bus or subway, I believe that many friends have seen people using it. This is a means of transportation designed to solve congested traffic and short-distance travel.

In order to better reflect the functional versatility of electric scooters, PXID scooter design company added a wireless Bluetooth device to the scooter without changing the appearance and weight of the body, and specially developed an exclusive ride APP is also very fashionable and individual, and it can more realistically meet people's needs in both functions and actual use.

PXID electric scooter is designed to be more portable, so the body is foldable, and when it comes to foldability, it is bound to take into account that the body will be loosened and worn after multiple folding, so the choice is high-strength, High-grade aerospace aluminum alloy with high resistance and corrosion resistance. Another characteristic of this material is its light weight, which makes it portable among similar products. At the same time, the operating lever is also specially designed to be adjustable, which is to allow people of different heights to ride more comfortably, and not to make the riding experience bad because of being too high or too low.

In terms of battery life, the scooter design uses a removable battery design. As long as you have enough spare batteries, you can immediately replace the fully charged battery when riding without electricity, so that you can continue to ride without having to Become a cart party. Since the battery is not built-in and under the pedal, but placed on the operating lever, you don’t have to worry about the problem of water ingress in rainy days, and it can be more convenient to replace the battery. It only takes a few seconds to solve this problem. If you have enough spare replaceable batteries, the battery life of an electric scooter is absolutely inestimable.