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Minimalist travel on scooters

pxid 2021-04-20 162 times

When our travel is flooded by traffic jams, smog, noise, etc., our lives urgently need a small change to make everything easier. Come and go freely, do not take up too much space, convenient, low-energy, low-carbon scooters are the perfect interpretation of minimalist travel.

Minimalism is not an unfamiliar vocabulary for many people. The MUJI we are familiar with adheres to this style. This is not an extreme reduction of material, but a simple and philosophical expression. Lifestyle, and applied to travel, PXID electric scooters can become a good interpretation of minimal travel.

Redefining freedom of travel

Minimalism is to understand yourself after simplifying all appearances, and to understand what is important to you. And PXID believes that what is important for people to travel is not cool, not luxury, but more convenient travel. With the continuous and unremitting efforts of the core technical team, the body volume and weight of the smart car are reduced to a small value as much as possible, so that people can easily carry it when traveling.

Minimalist travel on scooters

Because of its light weight, the electric scooter can ride in any narrow places such as subways, buses, elevators, etc., and can also be stored in a bag or carried in your hand. Because it does not produce too much noise when riding, it can ensure quiet travel without affecting others. In short, PXID seeks to allow you to travel more casually in a restricted environment, thereby obtaining great happiness. This is the free travel of scooters.

Electric drive, low carbon and low energy consumption

In fact, low-carbon travel can sometimes become a part of minimalism. Do not drive, but take public transportation, or even walk, which is advocated by minimal travel and also called for low-carbon travel. Electric scooters are driven by electric energy, consume only 1° of electricity for a 100-kilometer journey, without any exhaust emissions, and are very low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

It is the attitude of young people to make travel to be minimalist, and to obtain greater spiritual freedom from simple life. Do you want to join?