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With an electric scooter, will you fall in love with low-carbon travel?

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If there is a car in front of you, would you choose to drive out, or go to the nearest bus stop to take a bus? I believe that most people, as long as they can drive, the answer must be to drive away. But if you have an electric scooter, you may have a different answer.

When you need to go out, in the two choices of driving and taking the bus or subway, I believe that as long as there is a car and can drive, most people will choose to drive out. After all, this is a kind of extremely comfortable, fast and compelling A way of travel. But in the face of the severe congestion in the city today, cars have gradually lost their good travel experience and efficiency, and the advent of scooters has made people fall in love with this way of transportation other than cars.

With an electric scooter, will you fall in love with low-carbon travel?

Some experts have done this kind of research, comparing the happiness index between those who drive to get off work and those who ride to and from get off work to see which one is better. I believe that many people must think that this is definitely a driver. After all, it is comfortable and convenient, and it is not compelling, but the result is unexpectedly that the rider has a higher sense of happiness. This is because cycling is a travel mode that does not limit speed and venue, and can be freely played on any road conditions. It will not be troubled by traffic jams, and it can also exercise the body during the riding process. , So that the rider becomes happy.

As a way of riding, because electric scooters are driven by electricity, they are much more effortless and labor-saving than bicycles. They only consume 1°-3° of electricity per hundred kilometers. When taking into account the carbon emissions of the human body, it even More low-carbon and environmentally friendly than bicycles. A travel tool that is not trapped in traffic jams like a car, and is a low-carbon travel method that is more labor-saving and easy than a bicycle. With such a scooter in front of you, what reason do you have for rejecting low-carbon travel?

A scooter is a more comfortable way to travel. With it, I believe you will fall in love with this technology and low-carbon green travel!