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Hi! Ride-cool scooter like the wind

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The pragmatism that pays attention to details, cause and effect, and experience, and advocates the poetic riding of mood and Zen, this is the way of riding a scooter. It is a means of transportation for people commuting daily, and a good travel partner for sightseeing in the city in their leisure time. It is a culture and a state that can make life full of excitement.

Do you want life to become high? Try to see the wind-like electric scooter travel. With the rapid development of science and technology, people have reached a certain level in terms of environmental protection awareness and the pursuit of quality of life. Therefore, they will also consciously try for a better experience. This also makes scooters a kind of travel. At the same time as a tool, it has become a way of life and a culture.

Hey is to travel more freely!

The advent of cars has improved people’s travel efficiency and expanded their travel radius, and has become an indispensable part of urban civilization; however, with the acceleration of urbanization, the number of cars on the road has increased sharply, and subsequently The traffic jam in China has restricted people’s travel. There will be traffic jams during peak hours, and there will be traffic jams during holidays. You must also consider whether you can find a parking space when you go out... It’s time to change to another way of travel! A more flexible, convenient and free way of travel!

Hi! Ride-cool scooter like the wind

PXID electric scooter has the fashion and coolness of street riding like bicycles and roller skating, and it also implements the pragmatism of "life", "experience" and "effect". Its model is compact, you only need a backpack to store it, it can save you from traffic jams, and can adapt to various road conditions to take you smoothly; and because of its zero-emission and noise-free travel advantages, it can appear in On any occasion, whether on the streets, shopping malls, campuses, scenic spots, exhibition halls or airports, you can come and go freely, becoming a powerful smart wearable device that can arm your legs.

Different kind of magic, make the city more poetic

Just like appearing in a movie and behind the camera, the city will always have a special charm, or decadent, or romantic, or busy... the city street scene riding on a scooter can always add a sense of literature and art. It's brighter to see in the car, and more lively than when you walk by.

The speed of electric scooters puts us on an optimal balance of accepting the surroundings. We will not feel isolated from the city because of the enclosed car space, and will not affect our mindful life due to the exhaustion of walking. interest. A scooter with a comfortable riding experience, an unhurried mood, taking advantage of the good weather with light clouds and breeze, give yourself a poetic city ride like the protagonist in the movie.

Hi riding! Bring earphones, cameras or whatever you like outing equipment, and then step on the scooter, let it travel freely under your control, you will become more passionate and feel the wind-like riding Travel time!