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What is the principle of one-button start of electric vehicles?

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The one-key start function was originally a key applied in the car to improve the start function. Today, when the technology of electric bicycles designed for scooters is constantly improving, various functional configurations are also emerging one after another. This function has now become a standard for high-end electric vehicles. But while it is convenient for users, is it safe to start one-click?

After the owner presses the button on the key, the transmitter in the key sends out a radio wave, which contains a series of special signals. The vehicle antenna receives the radio wave signal from the key. After being identified by the electronic controller, it connects to the whole car circuit to complete a Key to start.

If someone holds a radio receiver and records this string of information while you press the remote control, wouldn't the electric car be easily stolen?

There is indeed such a possibility that most of the initial remote control keys used fixed-code verification methods. That is, the remote control key and the vehicle controller both save the same key to verify each other's identity.

However, due to the small amount of passwords in this way, repeated codes are prone to appear. There have been cases where one key can open two cars at the same time, so in terms of security, although it is higher than a mechanical key, there are still many security loopholes.

So clever scooter designers invented a code-hopping verification method, the principle is also very simple. In addition to the key identity verification code, an additional layer of code skipping is added. The code for the skipping code will change according to a certain encoding function after each signal is transmitted, which is equivalent to changing a "new key".

Even if we unintentionally press the remote control key, the key value issued by the remote control key may exceed the storage range of the vehicle. At this time, when the owner presses the unlock button, because the vehicle cannot recognize this signal that exceeds its authentication range, it will not be unlocked immediately.

At this time, the car owner usually thinks that the key is not remotely controlled or because of power loss, and then presses the unlock button again. In fact, the key value contained in the signal sent by the key the second time and the key value sent last time just meet the conditions of the second verification, so the vehicle can be unlocked normally. At the same time, the vehicle will also update and save the key value for unlocking next time.

This kind of anti-theft technology is much safer than your own anti-theft door, but you should keep it well and don't lose it. With a remote control key like this, it would be very expensive.