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See how scooters create the future of travel

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As a special existence of scooters different from traditional transportation equipment, the current market development is in a situation of severe product homogeneity and fierce competition. As a brand with a high market share in the industry, how does PXID do so? What about getting a place in the market?

In the electric scooter market, PXID scooter design company has always been a leading brand with a high market share and good user reputation. So what makes scooters so popular in the competitive market today? Let's take a look together.

To make an excellent product that can be truly accepted by the market, the product itself must be respected. As for a scooter, the product itself is a better travel experience and practicality. These demands are far more important than external appearance and tall brand packaging. And respect for the product itself, the basic is to ensure the quality of each component of the electric scooter product, regardless of technology, only about integrity. Therefore, all products of PXID Scooter Design Company use lithium batteries with quality and safety assurance. The tires are also the world's top ten Zhengxin tires, and the strength of the body material and the resistance to compression and impact are guaranteed to ensure the solidity of the product itself. Workmanship and service life.

See how scooters create the future of travel

Traveling requires everything to think from the user's point of view

To be recognized by the mass market, good quality alone is not enough. There must also be a good entry point that allows product design to meet the riding demands of ordinary people in their lives. Rather than piling up product technical concepts to attract users' attention, it is better to be down-to-earth to meet the needs of users for smart travel equipment. Whether it is to reduce the learning difficulty of electric scooters, or to make riding a more labor-saving seated riding, PXID scooter design company has always insisted on making efforts for this, which is why it has been well received by the market.

Innovation and breakthrough in the field of scooters

Of course, the production of similar products or simple stacking configuration will only make the product homogeneity in the market more serious, and it will not meet the needs of the growing market, so innovation and breakthroughs are very necessary. . In the new 2020 year, the PXID electric scooter, an emerging mode of travel, can find its place in the mass market like traditional travel equipment and become a daily street travel tool. It hopes to use the low-carbon riding of scooters. Behaviour makes a meager contribution to the ecological environment of the city, and popularizes new travel concepts into the lives of the general public.