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If the electric scooter does not go and change the controller, there are two reasons why it is incorrect.

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Many people have encountered that electric scooters can’t walk, and the repairer will change the controller for you, and then it’s fine. Most people only know two reasons for changing the controller. To be precise, there should be three reasons, and you should change it. Of course there is only one reason for this. You don’t know if it’s not a repair person. The editor of the scooter design company below will tell you the reason why the repair shop will replace the controller for you!

Poor line contact

First, the controller does have a fault, and the controller must be replaced. Second, there is a problem with a certain circuit of the electric vehicle, which has poor contact or short circuit. At this time, the repairman knows! Then the controller is broken, and the repairman connects the problematic circuit while changing the controller. If the controller is installed successfully, the car will definitely be able to leave.

Third, the reason is that the motor has failed, but the controller is replaced. It is true that some people say that the motor is broken. How to change the controller? Tell you it is because the original Hall element in the motor is broken!

If the electric scooter does not go and change the controller, there are two reasons why it is incorrect.

It is very troublesome to remove the motor to replace the Hall. Some repairers don't even understand, but only know that changing the controller can make the motor rotate. Anyway, it will be a lot of money and save trouble.

Dual-mode controller effect

Just replace the dual-mode controller on the market, which is the same as the previous non-Hall controller. The current dual-mode controller technology is still mature, and there is nothing unusual in the normal use of a 120-degree motor. Some 60-degree motors will jitter when starting. Therefore, many repairers know that it is a motor failure, but they change the controller. Normally, the repairman will not tell you.

Recommend to use original controller

But from the point of view of use, this approach is not recommended, because the original controller is not used, and the performance and functions of the controller after use are definitely not as good as the original one. Especially after the controller is replaced in some electric motorcycles, the anti-theft device, Functions such as electronic three-speed speed regulation and instrument display function are incomplete.