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With these 3 points, the motor is still the same as the new one after 6 years!

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To avoid demagnetization and ensure that the motor can run efficiently for a long time, choosing reliable products is the basis, and it is also very important to develop good habits in the use of electric vehicles and motors. So today, the PXID scooter design is here to share with you a few "tips" that can avoid the demagnetization of the motor and prolong the service life of the motor.

The motor is afraid of being "heavy", so don't overload it

The electric motor is located on the rear wheel of the electric vehicle and is the power source of the vehicle. It can be called the "heart" of the electric vehicle. It converts the electrical energy stored in the battery into mechanical energy, drives the rear wheels, and overcomes resistance to move forward.

When we ride with an overload, the resistance (mainly ground friction) faced by the electric vehicle will greatly increase. At this time, the motor will be overloaded, and the heat generated will be more than during normal operation. If things go on like this, the motor will not only demagnetize, but will also accelerate aging and scrap it ahead of time. Therefore, everyone must keep in mind: the motor is afraid of being "heavy" and must not be overloaded.

With these 3 points, the motor is still the same as the new one after 6 years!

Bumpy roads, ride slowly

Everyone must have had this experience: riding a bike on a bumpy road, the speed is faster, the internal organs seem to be shaken out, and it feels very uncomfortable. In fact, it’s not just us who are uncomfortable. Electric cars and motors are also “uncomfortable”.

The motor is surrounded by tires and wheels. If the vehicle shakes too much, the contour may be deformed, which will further cause the motor to be squeezed and deformed. If you don't feel it once or twice, if you do this for a long time, the probability of deformation will greatly increase.

The motor is afraid of water, try to avoid wading

As mentioned in the previous article, high temperature and water ingress are the two natural enemies of motors, and they are also the culprits of motor demagnetization. There is a lot of rain in spring and summer. When riding, you can try to avoid puddles with more water to prevent the motor from entering the water to the greatest extent. In addition, when parking an electric vehicle, try to choose a dry place to avoid the entry of water vapor caused by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the motor.