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What does the battery life of an electric bicycle have to do with, how far can each 48V60V72V run normally?

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Many friends often ask what brand of electric car to buy, which has a long battery life. Today, the editor of an electric bicycle design company will tell you whether the electric car has a good battery life. In fact, it has little or nothing to do with which brand of electric car.

Electric bicycle battery life has nothing to do with brand

No matter which brand of electric vehicles on the market, there is no advanced power saving technology. The endurance of electric vehicles is mainly determined by the size of the battery. Most people know that, but it also has a lot to do with other factors.

What are the methods of electric bicycle battery life?

1. Whether the motor and controller are aging, the battery life of the new car and the old car is definitely different.

What does the battery life of an electric bicycle have to do with, how far can each 48V60V72V run normally?

2. Choose fast or slow riding speed, choose high-speed driving to reduce the endurance, the weight of the car, and whether the tires are flat or not are also related.

3. The endurance is different under what temperature, as most people know, the higher the temperature, the stronger the endurance of the car.

4. Whether the power of both the motor and the controller is too large, the greater the power, the lower the endurance, because the power of the motor or controller is not necessarily the same for each car.

What is the battery life of a normal electric bicycle?

Therefore, for the same battery, the battery life sometimes differs greatly when installed on different electric vehicles. According to experience, new batteries for electric vehicles are generally in the spring and autumn temperatures.

The average battery life is 30 kilometers for 48V12A trams, 40 kilometers for 48V20A, 50 kilometers for 60V20A, and about 60 kilometers for 72V20A. You can compare your car according to the introduction and what is the state of the car.